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Hey everyone, my name is Okala Elesia.

You probably remember me from the hit TV show, World’s Most Powerful Dads. As you’ll know, that ended in ignominy when it transpired I don’t even have (or like!) children.

I’m Nigerian-British, grew up in Cornwall, and now live in London. I write about liminal spaces, weird Britain, and all sorts of stuff to be honest. My stories have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, while I was recently commended by the Laura Kinsella Prize.

Shoot me a message if you wanna collab on something.

Below is a list of recently published things:


The Dig in The South Bank Review

Ghoul in Firefly Magazine (issue 1)

People That Sing in The Molotov Cocktail (vol 8. issue 10)


Raul will Answer to his Shareholders in Extra Teeth (issue 3)

Peope Are Ugly Everywhere in Circus 7 (out of print)

Summer In Outer Polsari Lasts One Hundred and Fifty Years in Worlds: A Science Fiction Micro Anthology 

2 thoughts on “About / Published Things

  1. Håns Lootberg says:

    while procrastinating over my tax declaration i decided to break up the gray listening to the wave notation series on youtube and doing fair amounts of k. then i stumbled across this…i immediately discarded the plan to watch adventure time and had lots of fun ending up reading your texts.
    may your configuration stays as wonderful as it appears to be! ( ~˘ ³˘)~

    • Okala says:

      Haha, Hi Hans! Thanks so much for leaving this note. I’m cracking up picturing you navigate the k-waterways, with Ashikawa as your guide, eventually ending up here. And glad you enjoyed the upload! Peace!

      Okala x

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